The whole shebang! You get a profile that stands above the rest and that reflects the real you, plus photos that showcase you at your best. Then, when you spot that special someone, I'll give you the communication tools to enable you to confidently make the first move.  

We will meet on Facetime, have a chat, then you'll fill out a questionnaire for me. Based on your answers and my impression of you, I'll write a longer profile for some apps, and a shorter one for swipe apps like Tinder and Bumble. I'll also help you choose your photos and if you don't have ones that make the cut, I'll assist you in getting some taken that make you shine. 

Then we'll go over your dating personality (everyone has one) and determine the communication approaches that feel true to you. I'll help you create openers that intrigue and encourage potential partners to respond. And when you start planning that first date, I'll help you create interesting fun outings. Plus, I'll be available for a month via email to offer my guidance. 

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