Get your friends together and let's make this date academy fun! You get 4 weekly one hour Skype/Facetime sessions with me where we tackle one topic at a time.

First, we discuss what makes a great profile and how to get the best photos. Your homework is to write your own profile, and I'll edit it to give it some finishing touches.

Second, we discuss how to spot red flags when it comes to possible suitors. I'll show you examples of people to avoid, how to know if you're chatting with a bot, and easy ways to tell if someone is genuine or just looking for a hook up. 

Third, we'll discuss confidence and ease in the dating scene. Dating is weird, I totally get it. But there are ways to up your self-esteem and trust me, positive energy is super attractive. From easy style tips to actual mindset exercises, you'll come away knowing how to tap into a more confident headspace and handle different scenarios without freaking when someone seems distant or not as into you anymore (because it happens!). 

Finally, we'll regroup with everything we've learned, share what's made the most difference, any progress we've made or dates scheduled. We'll do a final review of the past 3 sessions and I'll send you on your way, armed with new dating knowledge that will make a big difference in your outcomes. 

Up to 4 people per group. 

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