Flowers From the Heart

So the date was awesome. You’re excited for more. Hopeful. Happy!

Then do the damned thing. Send. Them. Flowers.

But don’t send just any flowers. Send them a Bouqs bouquet.

If you’ve ever bought flowers online, you know that you’re taking a big risk that the flowers you pick do not match the ones that actually show up at your beloved’s. Plus, the flower industry features way too many middlemen and the farmers tend to get screwed. No bueno.

I first learned about Bouqs at The Heart Series, a fascinating conference dedicated to social enterprise - the kinds of businesses that focus on fair treatment of workers, high environmental standards and giving back to the community.

So by choosing Bouqs - where the farmers work directly with the site - you’re not only sending beautiful blossoms, you’re also showing you’re a socially conscious person. And THAT is seriously sexy. The kind of gesture that almost guarantees another date.