Date with Disruption: The Platform That Will Change EVERYTHING

What if you took Slack and made it into a matchmaking service? That's the idea behind Matchpool, a blockchain-based dating platform that could be the biggest disruption to online dating since online dating began. 

If you're thinking block...what?? Don't worry. All you need to know is that it functions like Slack...only instead of channels, you've got pools of niche groups or friends that bring likeminded people together in the hopes of sparking a match.

Currently, Matchpool is in a crowdfunding stage but this is no ordinary start up. Led by a former hedge fund operator, its board boasts a former Tinder executive and the founder of JDate as well as leaders in the bitcoin movement. They're intent on changing the game by incorporating something in scant supply in traditional online dating: TRUST. 

"Our vision is to build a platform for matchmakers by allowing anyone to create their own community ‘pool’ for free and invite their members to their pool. End users of our platform will be able to find connections on the app by joining the pools that best cater to their needs," explains a white paper by the founders explains, "The basic philosophy of pools is to creating the right environment and then letting nature take its course."

Because the pools are based on mutual interests or factors and the people involved are more likely to know each other, participants can be confident that connections made through the pools are genuine. Compare that to sites like Match where you can only hope your Friday night happy hour date looks like his pictures and is actually single. 

And if you're already coupled up, Matchpool offers a different kind of reward - one for the matchmakers. "Pool owners are rewarded when they create matches inside of their pool." They're rewarded through "Guppies", a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin. 


Diana AlvearComment