Actively Seeking Love? Lime is For You

Whether you're the type who prefers leaping to walking or you'd rather rule the couch, Lime is the online dating app for you. Photo: Atlas Green 

Maybe you bonded over a shared love of Leonard Cohen and Kombucha, but if you're a weekend warrior and your sweetie would rather conquer the couch, you're probably a mismatch. 

Lime wants to change that. 

It's a new dating app that matches people by their activity level as measured by Apple's Health app or Google's Fitness app. The GPS based Lime Go screen shows your nearby matches and their distances to you calculated in steps. So if you're the kind of person who always takes the stairs and parks at the farthest spot possible at the grocery store, this app helps you find your other (very active) half. Likewise, if you count lifting the fork to your mouth as cardio, you'll likely find a kindred spirit. 

We interviewed the app's creator, Edward Chen, who says the main purpose of Lime is to save you time and make online dating work more efficient for you. 

FYP: Why another dating app? 

Lime: I have quite a few friends around me use dating apps, and I can see how they struggle with these popular dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble etc. They spend hours, if not days swiping through random profiles that are just so irrelevant. And with so little info on a profile, they often went out with their matches, only to found out they are completely unsuitable for each other in terms of lifestyle.

FYP: What inspired Lime? Is there a personal story that goes with it?

Lime: I use the Apple Health App quite often to compare my steps with my friends’, and it just came to me, wouldn’t it be a great idea to match couples with similar step counts, as it says a lot about a person by just looking at his/her weekly step counts, their walking habit pretty much shows their lifestyle.

FYP: Where did you test it? Where are your users?

Lime: Before releasing, we tested it in Auckland, NZ where we are currently based, and received very good feedback, then we rolled out to San Francisco, then the rest of the States. San Francisco and New York, they appear to have the most sign ups. 

FYP: How did you figure out that people wanted this? 

Lime: Most of the people I told the idea to thought it's a brilliant idea and there's nothing like it out there right now in the market, and with the worsening feedback I got from people around me on using Tinder, it's wise to give Lime a go and see what happens. So the project was underway in November last year, and took us roughly 3-4 months to get it to the market.

FYP: Is it just for athletes? Or regular people/couch potatoes?

Lime: No, we had a lot of people mistake our app as a fitness app after release. It's not a fitness dating app, it's a dating app for everyone, e.g. fat, thin, lazy, active, sports extremist, couch potatoes, you name it. And the beauty of it is they can all find their matches based on activity level by using Lime.

FYP: Any success stories just yet? 

Lime: We are still getting some initial feedback from our users, but so far we have roughly 10,000 sign ups and nearly 500 matches already. It's a pretty good start for us.