Feed Your Relationship, Not Your Instafeed

Too many selfies could put a strain on your dating life and relationships. Photo: Lina Yatsen

Finally, a study backs up what we've known for a while - excessive social media use can put a major strain on your relationship. According to ELLE, the results of a Chilean survey conducted over two years "found that the more people in relationships posted selfies and used social media, the more jealous the partners became."

The idea is if one partner spends too much time putting together an attractive social media profile, it could lead to insecurity and jealousy on the part of the other partner, especially if the social media butterfly begins to attract too much attention (sweating them likes). 

Plus, all that screen time leaves little for actual face time with your love which is super sad, considering a real relationship with someone you can hold and kiss and snuggle beats iPhone eyestrain any day. 

So leave your phone in your purse and focus your full attention on your sweetie. No filter required.