First Impressions are Forever

(Photo: Milada Vigerova)

(Photo: Milada Vigerova)

At least when it comes to photos and online dating. It's a must that you put your best self forward with photos that represent you at your happiest and most authentic. Notice I didn't say your most glammed up. This is not the Bachelor, folks! Your potential partner wants to know what you really look like. So let's talk about the 3 commandments in choosing your pictures. 

1. Thou Shalt Not Lie:

Don't be tempted to use pictures from 5 years ago or 15 pounds ago. I totally get it if you're not loving what you see in the mirror, but everyone is their own worst critic. You know what's sexy? When someone loves the skin they're in. This is true whether the scale says 120 pounds or 220 pounds. So let your true self shine, which leads to... 

2. Full Disclosure: 

At least one of your pictures should be a full body shot and one should show you dressed down, little to no make up. Truth in advertising, people - it's hard enough to know if the people you're talking to online are really who they say they are. By posting a full length shot and a shot of you au naturel, you're sending the message that you're the real deal, which is reassuring. You're letting them know that there won't be any surprises. That being said.. 

3. Save Something for Later:

If you're looking for a real relationship, don't send mixed signals. That means skip the cleavage, lingerie or bikini shots for women, and no shirtless bathroom selfies for men. I know you're hot. I know people look at photos first. BUT..  when someone sees a lot of flesh, their immediate assumption is: hook up. You can scare away a lot of great people who are looking for something real. Notice I said women AND men can make this mistake. Guys, if all your pics are shirtless, women are going to assume that you're obsessed with your looks. And that's usually not a quality we look for in a partner. 

So take these rules and take a good look at what you've put out there. If all you have is group shots with friends, replace a few with a good close up and a shot of you doing the activity you love most. Show yourself in a variety of situations and you'll standout as a real person and a real catch in a sea of duckfaced selfies.*