no bs

no gimmicks

just you at your genuine best

Look, there is SO. MUCH. CRAP out there when it comes to dating. 

Games. Pick up lines. Strategies. 

But none of that will help you find true love. I know this from experience. 

I was single for YEARS. I tried all the dating sites and apps. 
I wondered what the hell I was doing wrong. 

Then I met the love of my life on Tinder. YES. Tinder. 

Love has made the single biggest difference in my life

That's why I want everyone to find the love of their life. 

And I can help you. 

Together, we can let your actual stellar personality shine online.

That's my jam. I'm really good at getting to the essence of someone's personality and capturing it in just a few paragraphs. 

It was pretty much my day job. 

Girl! I have so many msgs and requests and matches I feel like I need a team of people to reply back! It’s crazy!
— Katrina, client

"Good morning, Savannah..."

MY Secret Sauce

I was a Today Show correspondent and I've done thousands of interviews, everyone from random people on the street to presidential candidates to a very drunk Nick Nolte on the Oscars red carpet.

That last one ended pretty quickly. 

So you see, I had to size people up pretty quickly and then write their story every day. That's given me some crazy good instincts along with writing skills that paid the bills. 

And it was pretty fun to boot. But now YOU are the topic of my writing. 

How Does It Work?

Online dating is basically marketing. You're marketing yourself to potential mates.

The problem is, it's hard to write about yourself.

So let me do the work. I interview you, then put together a kickass profile that portrays you at your most awesome. 

Photos are just as important, and I know what catches the right person's eye. 

And then of course, the date. I can coach you on conversation starters, and how to make the best impression.

Let me be part of your love story!

Fact: 1 in 5 online daters have asked for help with their profiles

Pew Research Center 2016

So why not let me help you? 


profile writing

First, you finish our custom questionnaire. Then I interview you just like I did as a journalist. We'll see where the conversation goes and then I'll write a profile that reflects utterly amazing you. 



Photos can make or break an online connection. Let's choose photos that show you at your best, and avoid some very common pitfalls that doom most online daters. 


date & relationship coaching

Ok, it's go time. You found someone you like. But what comes next? What will you talk about on a first date? The second date? I'll coach you through these situations to improve your confidence.  

In the digital age of swiping left or right,
your words makes a huge first impression.
Let Diana help you! She’s amazing!
— Claire

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