First the career stuff: 

I spent 14 years in journalism, starting as a reporter in a tiny Wisconsin town. Just 4 years later, I became an ABC News Correspondent in Chicago where I covered thousands of news events, among them the Chilean miner rescue, election night in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected president, and the Royal Wedding (wearing a funny hat, of course). I also reported from the red carpet at two Academy Awards - let's just say my interview with a very drunk Nick Nolte ended quickly. I moved on to the Today Show where I helped people wake up to the news of the day. All that reporting taught me how to get to the essence of a person in mere minutes, and then write their story in a way that connected with millions.

Since then, I've done marketing for an e-commerce business that built its success through social media influencers, and I currently do digital content creation and marketing for private clients.

I'm also a mom, a kickboxing instructor and I wrote a children's book about my rescue kitty named Sal Finds a Forever Home

I know how to ask you a few questions and create a dating profile with complementary pictures that showcases a REAL person who seems fun, genuine and worth taking a chance on. 




Because I thought I'd be single forever. I thought I'd never have kids. I spent some dark days and nights wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I had no idea how to answer people who asked me, "Why are you single?" And I was tired of trying to stay positive when I was sad. I just wanted my penguin.

Then I had a realization. I was treating every first date like it was forever. I was putting so much pressure on myself to find The One that I forgot dating could be fun. So I did an experiment: I went on 13 dates in 14 days. I went out with all sorts of men who previously would have been left swipes for the most trivial of reasons. It was like hitting the reset button. I focused only on the 1-2 hours I spent with them and asked myself, "Did I enjoy myself? Were they funny? Do they listen? Are they sincere? Are they kind?" And finally, "Do I want to see them again?" 

I had so much fun and the guys did, too. But I was honest. If I wasn't into them, I let them know nicely with a text telling them that the chemistry just wasn't there. I had faith that there were plenty of good guys out there. And my dates thanked me for being upfront and wished me well. It was a great experience that restored my faith both in myself, in men and in love. 

And I found the man that was worth the wait just a couple months later. 

Love matters. It's made the single biggest difference in my life. And I want YOU to feel this, too. I want you to find your penguin and I will do everything I can to make this happen. 

You deserve love.